What if you could tour Japan for half the cost that others pay and get more out of it?

This book shatters the myth that a Japan trip must be too expensive or too foreign for independent travel. 
Plan now for travel in 2023 & 2024!
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MORE JAPAN FOR LESS — New 2nd edition!

The How-to-Guide for Affordable, Independent Japan Travel

What if you could tour Japan for half the cost that many others pay and get more out of it? This book shatters the myth that a trip Japan must be too expensive or too foreign for independent travel.

PUBLISHED AUGUST 2023 — In the past 30 years, author and editor, Morrie and Leslee Goldman have kept returning to Japan. Their travels and research led to a realization that a different kind of book was needed to provide guidance to first or second-time visitors to Japan. Think of this book as a travel-savvy friend who already understands something of your comfort zone. You don’t have buckets full of money to spend, and at the same time, you’re not looking for bare-bones accommodations.

With some advance prep, you can learn enough about Japan to plan a personalized trip, spend wisely, easily get around on your own and really understand the culture and the country.

Simply put, this is a guidance book, written for travelers who are interested in a trip that offers More Japan for Less!  That means more enjoyment, more of a real Japan experience, without buying into an overpriced canned group tour.  By learning about Japan in advance, and then having a willingness to embrace its culture, you can create your own personalized tour.  And you’ll do it without overspending where it’s not needed, allowing you to splurge when it will have the biggest payoff.

In More Japan for Less, you’ll learn:

  • How to plan your personalized itinerary, tailored to your interests
  • The best and worst times to travel
  • How to travel in Japan like a local
  • Simple ways to overcome the language gap
  • Lodging insights, including how to save and where to splurge
  • Eat better and lower your food costs!
  • All about the amazing Japan Rail Pass.
  • How to manage your health or dietary restrictions
  • About local guides, both free and paid
  • About upcoming major events
  • How and where to enjoy hot spring bathing
  • What to buy in Japan and where to buy it
  • What to pack and what you may not bring into Japan
  • Money management, and where to find English cash stations
  • About travel apps and websites to keep you on course
  • Insights into Japan, its people, and culture that even experienced travelers may not know

And much more! With vital information for the first- or second-time visitor to Japan, it provides essential information, even before you buy an encyclopedic guide book.


Morrie Goldman/
Leslee Goldman

Ever since they first met, Leslee and Morrie Goldman have shared a love of travel. And it didn’t take long for Leslee to embrace Morrie’s interest in Japan, Asian art and related topics. Together, they have traveled extensively, including a number of trips to Japan and other Asian destinations.

By profession, Morrie is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing consultant and writer, who has provided services to many Japanese companies and organizations. He is a past vice president and board member of the Japan America Society of Chicago and has written speeches for the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) on Japan-US business relations.  Morrie has a travel-level proficiency in the Japanese language and has familiarity with Japanese business customs.

Leslee is a registered art therapist and art educator and has lectured to educators about art therapy, including in Japan.  A keen observer of design and cultural nuances, Leslee’s contribution to this book went far beyond basic editing. Together, Leslee and Morrie also operate the website www.travelwares.com, offering a curated collection of travel-related products.